Thursday, March 08, 2007

Separatist claims crimes continue against Papuans

One of 42 Papuans separatists granted asylum after reaching the Australian mainland by traditional boat in January.2006, Herman Wainggai, has thanked Australian politicians, academics, Australia West Papua Associations around Australia, NGO¹s and others who have written submissions to the government of Australia advising them not to sign a security agreement with the Indonesian government.

"The agreement is not useful for Australians, Indonesians and West Papuans. It only serves the Indonesian government policy of continuing their crimes against West Papuans, Indonesian civilians and foreigners. Signing the agreement is encouraging the infiltration of the internal affairs of Australia by Indonesian intelligence agents. For example, there are Indonesian spies in Australia posing as students in education institutions," he announced. "The Indonesia and Australian governments should be protecting human rights, encouraging the development and implementation of democratic principles, and upholding the supremacy of law for the people of Indonesia, the Indigenous people of West Papua, Australian citizens, and the peoples of the Pacific island nations. We will never, never, never, give up."

Wainggai, promoted by Australian Greens senator, Kerry Nettle, as "leader of the West Papuans" reportedly served time in Indonesia for treason. His uncle Tom Wainggai, also a leading academic and separatist, was sentenced to 20 years in jail for organizing a flag raising event in 1988 and died in Jakarta’s Cipinang prison in 1996, prompting allegations he was poisoned or denied proper treatment.

The references to "West Papua" appear to include both Papua and Papua Barat (West Papua) provinces.

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