Friday, March 16, 2007

Rural-assigned Papua Barat teachers "still in city"

The Provincial Government of Papua Barat (West Papua) is concerned at the high number of teachers who had been assigned to the countryside but were still effectively spending time in Manokwari city. Evidently, due to the low level of welfare extended to them, the teachers need to spend time in the city to make extra income or to meet other needs.

"This problem is not only about the lack of teachers but also about their distribution," AR Wasaraka, Papua Barat's Section Head for Education, Culture, and Tourism said in Manokwari on Wednesday. He said the local governments (regencies and city) must work with the province to increase teachers' welfare and motivation so that teachers felt at home in the countryside and really needed.

Because of the constitutional responsibilities of the province's eight regencies and one city, they needed to make a commitment together to play an active role in supporting the availability of teachers in the countryside, he said.

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