Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Policeman shot by soldier in Mulia, Puncak Jaya

A policeman was shot dead Tuesday in an exchange of gunfire between police and soldiers in Mulia, the capital of Puncak Jaya regency, Papua province. The shooting took place at noon and was believed to have been caused by a dispute earlier in the day while lining up to buy kerosene. The victim, identified as Second Brig. Yosep Keliombar, allegedly got into a heated argument with an unidentified member of the Nabire-based army battalion.

Puncak Jaya Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Jacobus Marzuki said the city of Mulia had not been affected by the shooting incident and high-ranking officials of the police and military had met. "It was just a private conflict, not involving the institutions. A consolidation has been made with commander of the military district," Marzuki said.

Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Kartono W. said that a joint press conference on the incident would be held Wednesday, to be attended by Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Tommy Jacobus and the local military commander, Maj. Gen. Zamroni. - (JP)

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