Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eight points of agreement between two provinces

Under the terms of the "One but Two, Two but One" ceremony held by the Governors of Papua and Papua Barat (West Papua) provinces in Manokwari on Tuesday, eight points of agreement were decided for further deliberation in Biak, Papua province, on 31 March.

The follow-up meeting is scheduled to be attended by the Papuan and West Papuan governors, representatives from the provinces' parliaments and the Papuan Peoples' Congress (MRP), 22 regents and mayors from Papua and seven regents and mayors from West Papua, The Jakarta Post reported.

One of the points of agreement is the gathering of inventories for personnel and equipment as well as the documentation of regional revenue, public works, transportation, forestry, agriculture, sea fishing and mining figures.

Another point deals with an agreement by representatives of the two provinces to share special autonomy funds. It was also agreed that all natural resources should be shared by all provinces, regencies and mayoralties throughout Indonesian New Guinea, based on a percentage division between producing and non-producing areas already set out in existing regional regulations.

Others points included an integrated development plan, which covers spatial planning and the development of infrastructure, strategic economic development, social and cultural development and the development of human resources.

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