Wednesday, January 17, 2007

IRJABAR's Rp 4 trillion allocation worth supporting

A delegation aiming to separate a new Southwest Papua autonomous province from Irian Jaya Barat province wrongly addressed its petition to the Papua Legislative Council in Jayapura, the leader of a Papuan intellectual committee revealed to The Jakarta Post. "[It should have gone] to the West Irian Jaya legislature (in Manokwari)instead and not the Papua legislature. West Irian Jaya has its own governor and legislature now," Lazarus Indow, chairman of the Manokwari Arfak Intellectuals, said.

The proposed Southwest Papua province, consisting of Sorong mayoralty, Sorong regency, South Sorong regency, Raja Ampat regency and Teluk Bintuni regency.

Lazurus argues that the citizens should first support the development of Irian Jaya Barat which had been had allocated Rp 4 trillion (US$545 million) to its annual budget through the Minister of Industry and Trade Mari E. Pangestu in Manokwari earlier this month.

He said the secession effort sprang from the disappointment of people who lost in the election last year. The leader of the delegation, Decky Asmuruf, had run for and lost the election. "Why did he run as a gubernatorial candidate if he argues that the province has no legal basis? Logically, he recognized West Irian Jaya's existence by running in the election. Why has he brought up the issue now?" Lazarus asked.

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