Monday, August 28, 2006

PNG military shoot Papuan fishermen, one killed

The Vice Governor of Papua province, Alek Hesegem, said the defense force of neighbouring Papua New Guinea should have abided by the human rights principles so that a shooting incident that had killed an Indonesian fisherman, would not have happened. "There are universal laws which must be respected by all countries, including PNG, in dealing with poaching," Papua Vice Governor Alek Hesegem told Antara in Jayapura.

The PNG security personnel should have arrested the Indonesian fishermen, processed them legally for illegal fishing on PNG waters, and reported the case to the Indonesian Consulate in PNG, he said.

The Papua authorities have asked the PNG government to return the body of the shot Indonesian fisherman. Papua wanted to maintain good ties with PNG, and the return of the body would be at the Papua administration`s expenses, he said.

PNG soldiers shot at Indonesian poachers on PNG waters on 8 August killing one fisherman andwounded two others, while seven others were unharmed and currently being detained in Vanimo, PNG. The 10 men, residents of the Dok V area in Jayapura, left Papua on the boat last Monday.

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