Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chinese forestry company may invest in Papua

A Chinese state-owned company, China Light, is interested in investing in the forestry sector in Indonesia New Guinea, the central government Forestry Minister M S Kaban said. It intends to invest $1 billion to set up a wood processing company and an industrial forest estate (HTI) in Papua

The company claims it needs 800,000 cubic metres of logs or equivalent to 400,000 cubic metres of processed wood up to 2008 to help meet China`s demand for wood for construction of sports facilities for the Olympic Games which China is hosting in 2008.

Since 2004, Papua and Irian Jaya Barat provinces have a quota of 1.2 million cubic metres of logs from natural forests and the Indonesian central government currently has a stock of 300,000 cubic meteres of logs procured from the seizures of illegal log activities last year.

The Forestry Ministry's director general of forestry production development, Hadi S Pasaribu, told ANTARA the remaining 500,000 cubic metres of logs could be bought from private forest concession companies operating in Papua.

The Chinese company also informed the central government is is planning to develop an industrial forest estate to supply a pulp and paper company which would also be constructed in Papua.

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